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Join Julie Foucher and BeingBrigid for a FREE 28 day kickstart to nourishing your body with real food and movement.

Both Julie and Brigid have experienced first-hand the impact that nourishing their bodies with real food can have on their health. This has led them to team up to share their passion with you so that you can harness the power of a food-first approach to experiencing your healthiest self

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What's included in this FREE program?

  • Weekly shopping lists, sample menus and recipes from Recipes feature nutrient-dense whole foods that are free of added sugar, gluten and dairy 
  • Exclusive discount codes to our favorite food companies 
  • Access to our private Facebook group 
  • Curated resource list for additional exploration 
  • A four week workout program for all fitness levels - no equipment needed 
  • Access to 28 days of TRAIN with JF for free

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Brought to you by..

Brigid Titgemeier

Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LD 

Functional Medicine Dietitian Nutritionist @ The Center for Functional Medicine

Adjunct Nutrition Instructor & Contributing Author

Nutrition Blogger

Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher 

Medical Student @ Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine 

4x CrossFit Games Athlete 

Pursuing Health Podcast 


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